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Cereal for dinner is one the best ways to end a day. Good times.  (at 🎶”Good Times”🎶 - Chic)
I remember when I was a kid and on Sundays there was always an elderly woman trying to quietly unwrap a piece of candy most likely a peppermint. Being so quiet this was the only sound being made other than the sermon orated. Once a woman took an awfully long agonizing and distracting few minutes at unwrapping a piece of candy that when it got quiet which meant that she successfully unwrapped the candy and then I heard a thump to which next the candy rolled back right to the pew and stopping in front of me. Yeah I picked it up and put it in my mouth. Kids.
It was time.
One of my sisters came home from an all women’s dinner party with dessert for me from the host. As delicious as this may look to many folks. Chocolate isn’t my favorite nor request. But it sure does photograph well. The kindness of strangers never gets old.
This is my buddy. My younger brother calls him “Buddy”. Cash is one of those dogs that make the age old phrase “Man’s best friend…” the epitome and definition of any relationship between man and beast. He’s loyal: ready to go whenever you’re ready to go. He’s vigilant: alerts you always when trespassers walk too closely to the domicile. He’s fragile: trembles when it thunders and he tries to get as close to you as he possibly can. I hope he never dies.
A late lunch with a rental “Labor Day”. Let’s see if this movie is any good.
Playing bingo is like winding the crank on a jack in the box and watching a baseball game. Somebody is going popup and score big time.
Playing bingo is almost like winding a jack in the box and watching a baseball game. Out of nowhere somebody will pop up and score big time.
Banana smoothie maker.