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Playing bingo is like winding the crank on a jack in the box and watching a baseball game. Somebody is going popup and score big time.
Playing bingo is almost like winding a jack in the box and watching a baseball game. Out of nowhere somebody will pop up and score big time.
Banana smoothie maker.
Chariot of fire.
Saturday morning.
Vintage ties or any kind of tie is of interest. There is nothing quite like a pristine Bianca white shirt, starched to the ultimate of crispness and behind chocolate, soot charcoal Persian wool or pinstriped navy blue suit and a pair of silver knotted rope cufflinks is what I call an ensemble. Just like breathing fresh air.
I had a better display for shooting this tie but my makeshift soft box is too small. I need a bigger table. No. I need a studio. Home Depot is due a visit this year. Muses of a hopeful photographer. New System.
No story. Just a cabinet: a gift from my sister. Well, I guess that’s the story.