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My mother had this Polaroid (SLR 680 SE) laying around her place. She gave it to me because she knows that I like cameras. It’s one of those pop-up cameras that resembles the roof of a house. Look familiar @instagram? Thanks mom! #myminimalphoto #polaroid #vintage #vintagecameras
Back in the day, water balloon fights were in high demand, and not only during the summer. Nowadays that spirit of innocent fun has been lost in news reports about perverted fluids used instead of water. Can’t we all just get along? Even I know the answer that question. This is where having good friends who are honest recreation. Clean fun is good fun! We need to get back to those kinds of days. Ah, good times! #WHPballoons #myminimalphoto
It’s good to be home. My recent hospital stay, this weekend, was a bit scarier than the other stays in 2014. And, seeing my life flash before my eyes has never been as poignant. Honestly, I didn’t think I’d be here today. But that’s not negative chatter. That’s more like giving verbal ponder to meditation. There were 2 specific days of the 6 days at Baylor where I actually thought that I was going to die. Many folks hate talking about falling asleep in death, and this post is not going up in my Facebook status because my mom prowls there, and that would be a disaster. But one day it will be paradise and Porsches. I’m looking forward to those times. Houston photographer Kevin McCauley, instagram pseudonym @capturingthemachine, who contributes to Brilliance Digital, let me use one of his photos from his gallery collection of muscle machines to relay my story. Thanks man! Cars are cool! Being alive is beyond awesomeness! Waking up in your own bed in your own home? Priceless. #myminimalphoto
These are my sisters keys. They were laying on the countertop because her car is either having issue with the starter or alternator. When it comes to snapping pictures, I’m like a kid that picks up almost anything that’s within reach, or in my case, that looks interesting enough to shoot. This shot is captioned “Protection”. I really like the silver piece that is a whistle-nightlight combination.
I had my first cup of coffee after one of my mom’s celebrity jewelry parties. I think they had coffee and fondue that evening. The brand of coffee was Folgers Instant Coffee. That was what many drank when you didn’t have Maxwell House or Nescafé. Once there was a brand of coffee on a serving tray that I had never heard of… #nationalcoffeeday
Looking up
Brass and wood